NWEA Data Sharing Manager: Requester Guide

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This guide is for organizations that want to request data from NWEA partner districts using the NWEA Data Sharing Manager.


Creating and sending agreements

To request data from one or more NWEA partner districts, you will create an Agreement Group. An Agreement Group is a collection of data sharing requests with the same data selection criteria for one or more NWEA partner districts. An Agreement Group allows the NWEA Data Sharing Manager to send requests to multiple NWEA partner districts at once as long as each agreement includes the same date range, destroy by date, and data points.

Before getting started, we strongly recommend that you assemble a list of the NWEA partner districts for this request, along with a contact name, contact email address and, if appropriate, any individual schools within those districts.

Important notes:

  • You must create an Agreement Group even if you are requesting data from a single NWEA partner district.
  • You must create separate Agreement Groups if you are requesting different date ranges or data points from NWEA partner districts.

Step-by-step instructions 

From the Data Sharing Home page, click the New Agreement Group button, and follow these steps:
  1. Create Group:
    • Provide a name and description for the group of agreements
    • Both the name and the description are shared with the authorizer
  2. Select Date Range:
    • There are no limits to the start or end dates.
    • For tests taken in the past, set the range to the earliest date tests were taken to the current date.
    • For tests to be taken in the future, NWEA recommends the date range cover one academic year, especially if the group membership will be updated on an annual basis. It is easier to start a new agreement each year and proactively confirm membership than it is to add or remove districts from an existing group.
  3. Select Data:
    1. Identify which data you wish to receive by selecting radio buttons and checking or unchecking boxes related to the four basic categories of data.
    2. As you make selections, the application will adjust the list of data points that will be available to you.
    3. For a more in-depth look at the options, see NWEA Data Sharing Manager: General Information.
  4. Add Authorizers:
    1. Provide the name of each School District from which you are requesting data
      • Work with the authorizer to be sure you enter the district names exactly as they appear in MAP. This will ensure that NWEA only shares student and test data from the intended districts.
    2. Use the checkbox to indicate whether you would like to request data from all schools within this district or individual schools. The authorizer will have the opportunity to review and update the schools – they may choose to limit the data sharing agreement to specific schools, or update the school names to better align with their data.
      • All schools: Checkbox is checked, agreement will apply to all schools
      • Individual schools: Unchecking the box allows you to list individual schools
        • Provide a name for each of the schools from which you would like to receive data. Please work with the authorizer to be sure you enter the school names exactly as they appear in MAP. This will ensure that NWEA only shares student and test data from the intended schools.
        • You may add as many individual schools as you like.
    3. Provide the authorizer’s name and email for each school district.
      • You must add at least one authorizer before you will have the option to either Save and Exit or Save and Continue.
    4. Nothing is saved until you click either Save and Exit or Save and Continue.
    5. Saving an agreement allows you to come back and modify any of the above steps prior to sending the agreement.
  5. Review & Send:
    1. Review the details of your agreement.
      • You may edit any section by clicking the associated edit button.
      • The agreements will be in Draft status until the requests are sent.
    2. If you are ready to send the agreement to the authorizers listed on this page, select the check box to agree to the data sharing terms, then click Finalize & Send Requests.
      • The NWEA email server will process your request to share data and send an email notification to each authorizer listed.
      • Your agreement group will go into a Processing Status – no changes will be allowed until the emails have finished processing.
      • If you would like to see live updates of your agreement group status, toggle the Auto-refresh switch. By enabling Auto-refresh, your screen will update every 30 seconds to provide you with the most recent status for your agreement group. 
      • If you choose not to enable Auto-refresh, your agreement group status will not update until you refresh the page.
    3. All agreements will then change status from Draft to Request Made and will display on your homepage as an Outstanding agreement until the authorizer takes action.

Monitoring requests and responses

After requests to share data have been sent to each authorizer, the requester should monitor the responses and follow-up with contacts if needed. As authorizers review and respond to the data sharing requests, the status of each agreement will automatically be updated. You can see a quick view of the status of each request from the homepage, as well as buttons that allow you to Review the details of each agreement group including a button to View DataPoints. You can also use the Pencil Icon to change the authorizer/schools for the agreement as long as the status is still Draft or Request Made

Note: The authorizer can update the schools in the data sharing agreement. Thus, the final data set(s) will only include data from the schools that the authorizer has indicated. It is important to work closely with the districts from which you are requesting data to ensure that the data they agree to provide meet your organization’s needs. 

If you need to update the authorizer for an agreement, you can do so if the agreement is in the Request Made status.

To update the authorizer:
  1. From the home page, click the Review button to access the agreement group.
  2. Click on the pencil icon in the edit column. This will open the Update window.
  3. Enter the new details and click the Update Agreement button.
  4. The NWEA Data Sharing Manager automatically sends an email to the new authorizer. 
If a group member is not responding to your request to share their data, and the agreement is still in the Request Made status, you can resend the email from the agreements group page.

To resend the email:
  1. From the home page, click on the group name.
  2. Click the Re-Send Requests button.
  3. The NWEA Data Sharing Manager automatically re-sends the request to the authorizers who have yet to approve your request to share data.
Terminating data sharing agreements

A previously accepted agreement can be terminated by either the Authorizer or the Requester at any time. To terminate an agreement:
  1. Login to the Data Sharing Manager
  2. Click on the Review button to see the group details
  3. Locate the agreement you would like to terminate
  4. Click the Pencil Icon to view agreement details
  5. Click on the Terminate button
  6. Verify that you would like to terminate the agreement by selecting Terminate
  7. Terminating an agreement will cut short the date range so that any data after the termination date will no longer be shared with your organization
  8. A notification of the termination email will be sent to both the Requester and the Authorizer

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