NWEA Data Sharing Manager: Authorizer Guide

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To authorize requests to share your district's data with a 3rd party, NWEA must approve your account as an authorizer.


How to become an authorizer

NWEA must approve your account before you can get access to the Data Sharing Manager as an authorizer. To become an authorizer, call the NWEA Partner Support team at (877) 469-3287 and be prepared to provide your district or school name, title, email address and MAP username (if available). Authorizers will be asked to affirm their authority to authorize the sharing of student and test data on behalf of their district.

Reviewing a request to share data

When you receive an email request to share data:
  1. Follow the link in the email request to login and see the details of the request.
  2. Review the details of the request. See Data Sharing Manager: General Information for field definitions.
    • Changes to anything outlined in the agreement must be initiated by the requesting organization. Contact the requester to make changes to the data sharing request.
    • If the authorizer contact needs to change, notify the requester who can send the agreement to a new contact.
    • If the dates or data points need to change, notify the requester who will create a new agreement for approval. You will receive a new email from the system asking you to accept the new terms.
  3. Review the data sharing terms. The terms are linked to from the agreement as well as in the application footer. The data sharing terms apply to the agreement between requesting organizations and authorizing districts to share data.

    Note: The data sharing terms apply to the agreements, and differ from the site terms & conditions which govern the use of the Data Sharing Manager site.
  4. Once you have clicked the checkbox to agree with the data sharing terms, buttons to Accept Agreement or Decline Agreement will be enabled. Selecting the Accept or Decline button and clicking submit will immediately update the status of the agreement in the system. If you choose not to take action on the agreement at this time, you may close the browser window. If you’d like to access the agreement again, follow the link from the “Request for Authorization” email.

    Note: You can terminate an accepted data sharing agreement at any time.

Accessing existing data sharing agreements and status definitions

Use the link provided in the email to access your agreements.

  • Accepted: Request has been approved by authorizing NWEA partner, and they accept the terms of the agreement.
  • Declined: Request has been declined by authorizing NWEA partner.
  • Terminated: A previously accepted agreement has been terminated by the authorizing NWEA partner.

Terminating data sharing agreements

You can terminate an active, accepted data sharing agreement at any time. To do so, access the link to the agreement from either the request to share data email, or the confirmation email. The terminate button will appear on all agreements with the Accepted status. Terminating an agreement will cut short the date range so that any data after the termination date will no longer be shared with the requesting organization.

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