Error: Please enter the correct Session Name and Password

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When a student tries to join a testing session, they get an error: "Please enter the correct Session Name and Password".

The student may be entering the wrong session name or password, or there may be a problem with the session.

To resolve this issue, try the following steps. If one step does not resolve the issue, continue to the next step:
  1. Check the exact error message:
    • Username or password is not correct - This error message occurs when you enter the wrong information for the MAP Growth practice tests. To log in to practice tests, see Practice tests (formerly test warm-ups) for MAP Growth. To log in to a regular MAP Growth testing session, click the X in the upper right to return to the testing session log in screen.
    • Unable to log in. Please enter the correct session name and password - Continue with these troubleshooting steps.
  2. Verify that the student is either launching the testing app for MAP Growth or using the test URL at
  3. Verify that the student is entering the correct session name.
  4. Verify the session password. Session passwords change every day, and every time you re-open a session.
  5. Remove the affected student from the session, then re-add them. Reassign the test as normal and have the student try to log in again.
  6. If the session name and password are correct, and no students can join the session, try renaming the session:
    1. Select End Testing Session.
    2. Enter a new name in the Testing Session Name field.
    3. Select Save and Exit.
    4. Re-open the session and try again. See How to find a saved testing session.

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