Error: Student assigned an accommodation that might require third party software

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When a student signs in to a test session, they get an error:

“Please raise your hand for help. This student has been assigned an accommodation that might require the use of a third-party accommodation software.In the Secure Testing Browser, not all third-party accommodation software features will be available. If using third-party accommodation software, please use browser-based testing for the most accessible testing experience.”

Students who are assigned accommodations that require the use of third party software must use a supported web browser instead of the Secure Testing Browser to allow the student full use of their tool.

The accommodations and designated features that require third party software are:
  • Color contrast
  • Magnification device
  • Assistive technology
  • Refreshable braille
  • Screen reader

Students who need third party accommodation software:

The student should close the Secure Testing Browser and use a supported web browser instead. The instructions are available on the error message screen. For a list of supported browsers, see System Requirements in the MAP Help Center.

If your district requires the Secure Testing Browser for all students, please ask your district MAP System Administrator or MAP Assessment Coordinator to contact NWEA Partner Support.

Students who don’t need accommodations:

If the student does not need to use accommodation software, un-assign the accommodation to the student. To do this:
  1. Select the student in the test session.
  2. Select Assign Accommodations.
  3. De-select any of the accommodations or designated features that require the use of third-party tools. These include:
    • In the Non-Embedded Designated Features section:
      • Color contrast
      • Magnification device
    • In the Non-Embedded Accommodations section:
      • Assistive technology
      • Refreshable braille
      • Screen reader
  4. Select Assign to save the changes.
  5. Have the student exit the Secure Testing Browser or restart their device.
  6. The student can now re-launch the browser, rejoin the session, and try again.

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