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When you try to assign text-to-speech to a student, the options are greyed out.

You must assign an eligible test before assigning text-to-speech.

To resolve this issue:
  1. Cancel the accommodations assignment window.
  2. Check the student’s assigned test:
    • No test assigned: Select the student and click Assign Test to assign the test. Then try assigning the accommodation again.
    • K-2 test assigned: This test has built-in audio for all students, and is not compatible with text-to-speech.
  3. Check the student's status. If the status is anything other than Awaiting Student, take the steps below:
    • Testing or Paused: Suspend the test, then select the student and choose Test Again from the Select Action menu.
    • Suspended or Terminated: Select the student and choose Test Again from the Select Action menu.
    • Confirmed or To Be Confirmed: Select the student and choose Do Not Confirm from the Select Action menu.
  4. If you’ve verified that the student is assigned a compatible test, and the text-to-speech options are still greyed out, please contact NWEA Partner Support.

If the Assign button is cut off or not visible:
  1. Maximize the browser window if not already maximized.
  2. Zoom out in the browser window with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + minus (Cmd + minus if using a Mac).

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