How often is a new norms study released?

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How often does NWEA update the norms? Are the 2015 norms still applicable?

We aim to update the norms study every 3-5 years.

The timing of these updates balances the substantial time and effort needed to create these studies the need to ensure the study is useful and relevant for schools and districts. The scope of the each norms study — including new features and updates — contributes to the amount of time between releasing a new study.

Each time NWEA researchers create new norms, we work to improve the utility, accuracy, and generalizability of the norms for our partners. For example, in the 2015 norms, we refined the use of school calendars to provide growth information that better reflects the number of instructional days available to the student between tests. We modeled the norms in a way that is more sensitive to the impact of summer vacations on learning. We included both student level norms and school norms. Additionally, to make sure the norms are of the highest quality — both in terms of accuracy and utility — we subjected the findings and report to numerous internal reviews and engaged external experts to review and critique the report.

The 2015 norms are still applicable and useful for contextualizing student achievement and growth.

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