About the Term Comparison Report for MAP Reading Fluency

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The Term Comparison Report is a report for teachers and administrators which shows aggregate results over multiple terms, side by side.


How to generate a Term Comparison Report

The Term Comparison Report is available for the following user roles:
  • Instructor
  • School Administrator (Administrator or School Assessment Coordinator role in MAP)
  • District Administrator (District Assessment Coordinator role in MAP)
To generate this report:
  1. Select MAP Reading Fluency in the left navigation pane of the MAP Administration and Reporting Center (MARC) site.
  2. Select Reports > Term Comparison.
  3. Select a Class (Instructors only) or School (School or District Administrators) as needed.
  4. Select Term and Subscore filters as needed. By default, all terms up to the six most recent are included.
  5. If applicable, click Generate Report. Note: The Generate Report button is only available when changes are made to the term or subscore filters.
  6. Adjust display options as needed.

Filtering and display options

Filter options:
  • Class (Instructors only)
  • School (School Administrator for assigned schools only and District Administrator)
  • Terms (Up to six terms can be selected)
  • Subscores
Display options:
Once the report is generated, display settings can be adjusted through options in the report display.
  • All grades or disaggregated by grade.
  • Chart or bar graph. (Subscores only)
  • View numeric values or percentages. (Subscore chart format only)

What data is included in the Term Comparison Report

  • By default, all terms up to the six most recent are included.
  • Best of term results for students with school assignments.
    • Each eligible student is only represented once in the report.
    • Scores that are in the Oral Reading category take precedence over scores that are in the Foundational Skills category.
What is not included
  • Students without a school assigned.
  • Students without a valid oral reading score, or without all four foundational skill subscores.
  • Results marked as "No Score".

How to print

The Term Comparison Report prints in color and PDF format.

  1. Generate a Term Comparison Report with the desired filtering and display options.
  2. Select Print in the upper right.

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