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Overview of the features and navigation options on the MAP Skills student site.


Student access

Students can access the MAP Skills site in a regular web browser at: https://skillsnav.mapnwea.org. See System Requirements > Browser-only testing in the MAP Help Center for details on supported devices and browsers. 

Mission Control page

The MAP Skills student home page is called Mission Control and includes the following details and options for each subject area:
  • Progress button: To navigate to the Mission Progress page to check completed assignment history and details.
  • New button: To navigate to the Missions page to start or resume an assignment (mission). Students will know they have an assigned mission when a number appears within the button.

Screen shot of the student Mission Control page showing a Progress and New button for each subject area which includes math, reading, language usage, and vocabulary. The New button for math is highlighted to show the number 2 inside it.

Missions page

The Missions page includes the following details and options:
  • Mission Control button: To return to the Mission Control page.
  • Viewed Resources button: To review previously accessed instructional resources.
  • Assigned mission details:
    • Subject area
    • Assignment name
    • Due date
    • Status
    • Do It Now button: To start or resume the mission.

Screen shot of the Missions page showing the button to return to Mission Control in the upper left and the button to go to the Viewed Resources page in the upper right. Below the Mission Control button the details of a sample math mission assignment are displayed.

Mission Progress page

The Mission Progress page includes the following details and options:
  • The number of missions completed for each subject area.
    • This number is cumulative across a student's testing history.
    • Only completed Skills Locators and Mastery Checks are included. (Completed Instructional Resource assignments are available from Mission Control > Missions > Viewed Resources.)
  • The number of locked and unlocked skills for each subject area and tested strand.
    • Students can click to hide and unhide skill descriptions.
    • Passed (P) and Mastered (M) skills show as unlocked.
    • Needs Work (NW) skills show as locked.

Screen shot of the Mission Progress page showing the button to return to Mission Control in the upper left and the academic year in the top center. There are four tiles in the middle of the page which display the completed mission details for each subject area: mathematics, language usage, vocabulary, and reading. Below the subject area tiles, the number of locked and unlocked skills for the selected subject are noted along with a message indicating if the student has leveled up.

Select an avatar page

Students are prompted to select an avatar when they first access MAP Skills and can change it at any time by clicking the avatar icon next to their name to navigate to the Select an avatar page.
The Select an avatar page has a list of images to choose from and the option to preview and Save the selection.

Screen shot of the Select an avatar page with the student’s current avatar highlighted in the upper left. The center of the page displays a scrollable list of available avatars. To the left of the list is a preview image of the selected avatar and a Save button.

Rewards page

Students earn rewards by providing feedback on completed assignments and can view them by selecting Go to Rewards in the upper right of the student site.

Screen shot of the Rewards page with the Go to Rewards navigation text highlighted in the upper right. The available rewards are displayed in the center of the page with images and star ratings.

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