How to print multiple individual Student Progress Reports

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You can order the Student Progress Report two ways: with one file for each student, or one file per grade.

The easiest way to print multiple Student Progress Reports at once is to generate the reports using the Group Output option One PDF per Grade.

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However, if you need to have the files generated as one PDF per student, and you wish to print these files at the same time, please try the following steps. Note that some computers may have a limitation on how many files can be printed at a time. If you run into this issue, contact your local IT department for assistance.

  1. Select all the files you wish to click.
  2. Right click on the selection and choose Print. Note that Windows 7 limits you to printing 15 files at a time.
You can also use a free batch printing program such as Print Conductor. Please note that NWEA does not support the use of 3rd party software and it is used at your own risk.

To print multiple files on a Mac, you must add the printer to your desktop or to the dock. You can then drag and drop files onto the printer.

To set up the printer icon in the dock:
  1. Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  2. Open the Printer preferences.
  3. Select your printer.
  4. Click the Open Print Queue button. This will open the print queue window and the printer icon will appear in the dock.
  5. Right-click or Command-click on the printer icon in the dock.
  6. Select Options > Keep in dock.
  7. You can now drag-and-drop multiple documents to the printer icon in the dock to add them to the print queue.

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