User or student information unexpectedly changes

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Account or personal information for a user or a student unexpectedly changes. For example, a user's email address or username changes without their knowledge.

NWEA does not change student or user information automatically, so the information was changed either by another MAP user, or by importing a roster.

Check with a System Administrator, Data Administrator, or District Assessment Coordinator at your organization to see if they have made any changes to the user or student in question. If they have recently imported a roster, they can also check the roster file to see if it contains different information. If your organization uses automatic rostering, they should check your student information system for changes as well.

Student passwords

Student passwords for MAP Skills or MAP Reading Fluency can be changed or reset by any teacher the student is assigned to. If you notice student passwords repeatedly need to be reset, check with other teachers who may be working with the student.

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