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When using Quick Search, you see the error message:" 0 student profiles found for the current term. Please change your search criteria."

Student Quick Search only searches for students who are rostered to the current term.

Verify student is rostered
Student must be rostered in the current term with all of the required attributes. Check the student's profile to see if they are rostered to the current term and all required attributes are populated. A nightly population will be required before the report is viewable if any changes have been made to the student's profile.

Verify term dates
Check the current term start and end dates. The Student Quick Search will only allow searching within the current term window. This report summarizes a single student's performance in the current and all historical terms in all subjects. If you are outside the current term beginning and end date, the quick search will not return any results.If you change the dates, Student Quick Search will be available the next day. 

"You do not have proper permissions"
You receive the message "You do not have proper permissions to view the student". Make sure you are logged in as a user that has access to the specified student profile. If you are only listed as Instructor, then the student must be assigned to one of your classes.

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