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Gifted Student Performance

Question asked by Traci Odle on Dec 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2020 by Jennifer Clairmont

How does MAP testing work with gifted students?  If students test at a very high level at the end of second grade (for instance, a 247 in math), how does that affect their scores for the next year?  The student doesn't actually seem to be working at an 11th grade math level and now parents are concerned that after summer break his score was a 212 and now a 218.  As a group of gifted teachers in third, fourth, and fifth grade, we consistently notice that many of our gifted students don't make their growth goal midyear or only go up by a few points.  Their scores typically go up by the time we take the test again in the spring.  Obviously, parents are concerned when they get that midyear report and see the scores. Can you point me toward any research that you've done on gifted students and what their growth patterns should be?  Thank you!