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New Partner Tip: Best Practices for MAP Growth

Discussion created by Amanda Johnson on Sep 5, 2018
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The first step is to ensure the student’s devices are set up. It’s recommended to do this step at least a few days before the first day of testing. After proctor training has been completed you can also create the test sessions in advance. Regardless of when you create sessions remember to keep the testing session name short and make sure it’s unique. 


Once you start testing, try to limit the number of students in one session. It needs to be a manageable number of students, so the proctor can monitor the room. When students join a session have them stagger the logins to avoid network performance degradation. And if they are early learners (K-2), a 25-minute break is crucial to give them rest.


Refer to our Proctor Guideline document for more in-depth information.