Jennifer Anderson

Schools and Families Together; A Powerful Partnership in Learning

Discussion created by Jennifer Anderson on Sep 20, 2018

As told by 2018 State Teachers of the Year


Some of the most rewarding work I get to do in my role at NWEA is to elevate the voice of teachers. It’s a super power. And one that needs to be heard. In May of this year, The Council of Chief State School Officers brought together the 2018 State Teachers of the Year. I had the honor of working with them to create some strategies for our kiddos and their education. The first question they tackled:


How can schools and families work better together to help students?


They shared many stories of the powerful impact they see time and time again by bringing community and schools together around students, and how that support system can transform learning.  It was inspiring! It made me want to hear from all of you and to elevate your voices, ideas and experiences.


View and download the full image: Schools and Families Working Together to Help Students 


What are you doing in your schools? With your families and communities? Share your ideas and strategies here with the community!


And stay tuned for the next in our short series, from our time with the 2018 State Teachers of the Year.