RIT scores and grade level

By rfrisch on January 11, 2012

During our weekly teacher PLC today, a teacher brought up a good question that created some disucssion.

A 6th grade student scores a 237, according to the 2011 Norm scale, he is at an 11th grade normed level.    

While this does mean that the student is performing very high in 6th grade, does it mean that the student is ready for 11th grade material in math?  Would this student be able to comprehend that level of math?  


Are there any ideas on this topic?

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This is a great questions rfrisch and I agree with mrgeckos. Students who score at such high levels need enrichment, not necessarily acceleration straight to 11th grade material. I've had similar situations at the elementary and middle school levels. Our district brought in DDI Teacher Consulting http://ddi-teacher-consulting.com/ to help us differentiate instruction for students based on the MAP RIT scores. It was great to find tools and strategies that were actually useful for the teachers and students.

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Forget waiting for NWEA. As far as this student's score goes, it means when faced with similar material, they will get the answer correct at least 50% of the time. Your student could be ready for some levels of this Math. However, when it comes to Math, there are so many building blocks, you can't just jump right in to eleventh grade math. There would be too many gaps. I had the exact same issue. I needed something for my sixth graders scoring in the same range. They received regular math instruction for me, but now I've begun an accelerated pre-algebra class for the students in this range. Even though the material isn't eleventh grade, the students are still challenged and still learning new ideas.

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I was wondering the same thing. I have asked NWEA and never get an answer that makes sense, they go around the issue.

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