POLL: What currently is your biggest challenge when it comes to formative assessment?

Poll created by Natalie Laderas Employee on Jun 16, 2016

Responding to this poll gives us insight into the formative assessment topics you're interested in.


Are there specific formative assessment topics not listed above that you're interested in?

Respond to the comments with what you'd like to focus on specifically.





Eliciting evidence can include having students do a 30-Second Share about what they've learned in class. Which areas in formative do you want to build your skills in?

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  • A. Writing or aligning lessons to learning targets? (Clarifying Learning)
  • B. Gathering evidence of learning from all students frequently and regularly (Eliciting Evidence)
  • C. Providing effective and actionable feedback to all of my students (Providing Feedback)
  • D. Getting students to participate and support the formative assessment process for themselves and their peers (Activating Learners)