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Communicating About Testing with Students and Parents

Discussion created by Kailey Rhodes on Apr 10, 2017
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Communication is a teacher’s forte: we communicate through teaching and learning with our students; we communicate when we collaborate with our colleagues and administrators; we communicate with parents through personal conversations, emails, and class websites. We are constantly engaged in conversation with our community, whether formal or informal, from sporting events to school-wide assemblies.


When the time comes to communicate test results, it’s important to remember that it isn’t just a retroactive experience—much of what we communicate is proactive. We aren’t simply communicating the data that we’ve received; we’re communicating what the test is and why we believe it will improve learning for our students. As we build upon our testing experiences, best practices among us emerge. This month we explore some of our favorite resources and perspectives on communicating test information with students and parents. We encourage you to join the discussions and share your best practices.


Some of our favorite tips for test communication include:


As part of the journey: Communicating About Testing with Students and Parents, we’ll be discussing how to introduce both students and parents to Growth Mindset. We will also be exploring ways to help students communicate with each other after the test to encourage privacy and respect. Be sure to check back frequently for new discussions, and share your best practices in the discussion below!