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How Can You Build Your own PLN (Professional Learning Network)?

Discussion created by Natalie Laderas Employee on Jun 2, 2017

I've always felt that work is easier, more fun and smarter working in collaborative teams. Being able to reach out to others who have more experience than me has always been a big part of my own professional development as an both an educator and as an instructional designer. 


I get more information from my interaction with my personal learning network (PLN) to people in my profession and beyond. Thought I'd share another gem found via Twitter (see the infographic below). You can start building your network here in the Professional Learning Online community. Follow others in the community.*



Respond below: which of the reasons explain why you would want to build your PLN? Explain why? In your opinion what would keep you coming back to a professional learning community?



Sylvia Duckworth (@sylviaduckworth) | Twitter 


*Select People in the the navigation menu on the home page.

Then search through the list for active users you'd like to follow.

People tab in navigation