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Let's talk about the role of assessment in RTI/MTSS June 19, 2017!

Discussion created by Kathy Dyer Employee on Jun 12, 2017

Event: NCEA 2017 New Directions Exceptional Learners Conference

Speaker:  Joyce Dammer

Location: Evanston IL

Time: June 19

Additional Details: http://www.ncea.org/NCEA/Learn/New_Directions_Exceptional_Learner_Conference.aspx

We've Got Data, Yes, We Do

Discover the power of data as we investigate the purpose and intent of the assessments used in an RTI/MTSS model. Using assessment results efficiently is a key component to a successful RTI/MTSS model. Identify how key pieces of data support instructional decisions and impact the success of each student’s learning path. Be a champion for your learners by using data to drive instructional decisions!


Deepen your understanding about how assessment serves as a support for learning in an RTI/MSS model by exploring the role of different types of assessment. Leave with a plan to audit your assessment system to make it best support the needs of your RTI/MTSS model.