Virginia Williams

What Tips Can You Share for Back to School?

Discussion created by Virginia Williams on Aug 4, 2017

It's still summer.  The weather is not just warm, it's hot, but everywhere I look, there are signs that it is back-to-school time.  Summer break certainly seemed short this year, but that is not atypical for a teacher.  I don't think that teachers ever really break from school.  They always seem to be either preparing for the school year, in the school year, or preparing to close the school year.  This made me think of a few great blog articles that I have collected that might be of benefit for kicking off the new school year.  Everyone is pressed for time, so now is the time when we take all the support we can get.  I hope that you find these helpful and that you will contribute to the list with resources that you find beneficial at this time of the year.  I have chunked them into topics that you may find helpful. 

WELCOME to the 2018 School Year!


Math Resources

Empowering Students

Classroom Procedures

Games for the Classroom

Teaching Language Learners

Supporting Parents