Tim Neville

Digital Materials: A change in our habits of practice

Discussion created by Tim Neville on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Jean Potter

As many of our participants have already experienced, NWEA is moving away from Pen-Pencil-Workbooks and developing our skills at using our usual and customary devices to interact over learning and content.  This has sparked learning for many of us and has Consultants and Participants collaborating in new and different ways.  If you are visiting this conversation as a partner share your experience with the digital tools.  If you are a consultant share a successful practice!

One of the consultant's go-to tools over the last year or so has been "Padlet"  This tool allows us to personalize and store content that partners can easily access.  Partners who have not yet joined Professional Learning Online have successfully accessed our Interactive Guides using Padlet and Adobe Acrobat Reader.