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Testing with Ipads Help!

Question asked by Jill Black on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by Danielle Kerns

I'm testing with Ipads and we have students who log in start the test and within 3 questions or more their screens turn white and then returns to sign in screen. I'm constantly suspending test and testing again over and over until they can get through the test. Most of the time they don't finish because they keep getting kicked off.

We tried new profiles

Talk with tech to check wifi connective issues. All working

check over Ipads

Tried different Ipads and still the same response.

This freeze of screen happens often to other students too, but i'm usually able to get them through with little disruption

I have 3 students that have a constant issue and I had them test right in front of me and they are interacting with iPad normally.

Is there any other schools with Ipad issues with students getting tossed off? The tech team at NWEA doesn't know how to solve this problem. It could be internal, but I have over 400 students using Ipads and still these 3 students struggle the most. 

I'm currently trying to test on laptops, in fall we tried and still had the same issues. 

Any Suggestions out there????