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Testing season tips

Discussion created by Marziah Karch on Apr 19, 2018

I want to call your attention to these excellent tips from Instagram. If you weren't following already, be sure to follow our Instagram account for more. 


Whether you’re in the middle of summative state testing, or preparing for your next MAP Growth benchmark assessment, these ideas will help you calm your students’ jitters and rock the upcoming test(s).

1) Create a visually motivating environment

Do you find yourself covering your beautiful anchor charts and bulletin boards with butcher paper (or needing to take them down) during state testing? You’ll love this uplifting alternative from @fantasticallyfourth. She snagged these growth mindset coloring sheets from @tothesquareinch and asked students to color them in for homework. “Best homework EVER, I was told,” she shares. She used the final pieces to cover any 8.5” x 11” posters in her room. The best part: “Now anywhere [students] look during testing, they’re reminded that they can do it!”

Create a visually motivating environment

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