Marziah Karch

Where Do You Get Your Teaching/Instructional Ideas From Online?

Discussion created by Marziah Karch on May 4, 2018

Natalie started this discussion last year, and it seems like a great time to ask it again. 


Summer is almost here, but when we're not relaxing and vacationing, we're often thinking about or planning for the next school year. Often we look to the Internet for ideas. Take this brief poll but come back to this thread to discuss. What draws you to these tools? I like to use Twitter because I can engage in brief discussion and chat with others using topic hashtags.


Optional - Do you have favorite online tools that you use to gather ideas?

How do you keep track of your ideas?  Moving the conversation one step further: Do you use bookmarks, google docs, or online curation tools like Pinterest, Pearltees, Curata, Storify, etc.?

Chalk drawing of a status bar labeled with "Idea Loading" and a chalk drawn lightbulb