Planning for Formative Assessment

Discussion created by jane.nuessen@nwea.org on May 30, 2018

Most teachers have wrapped up the current school year or are about to do so.  Although looking forward to some

well-earned time with family and friends during the summer, the question of "What about next year?" is at the back of the minds of many educators.   Summer is a great time to work on a plan for how to incorporate effective formative assessment into the classroom.   What makes formative assessment effective?  It is using the data that matters!  Read Kathy Dyer's recent contribution on this subject in the Teach. Learn. Grow. blog at the link below and share your own thoughts in this forum.   Have a great summer!


Formative Instructional Practice - Using the Results and Data are What Matters


Kathy Dyer  Marziah Karch  Amy Schmidt