5 best Professional Learning Practices

Discussion created by jane.nuessen@nwea.org on Aug 1, 2018

Check out the interview with NWEA's own Kathy Dyer featured in the eSchool News article. "How to deliver PL that really works".  Kathy serves the Professional Learning Design Team as the Manager of Innovation and Learning and is well known for her work with partners to develop quality professional learning (PL) informed by student learning needs. The eSchool News August 1, 2018 article provides information on how to connect PL to student outcomes and how to best support teachers in their quest for meaningful PL.   Kathy and content designer Robin Whitacre were co-presenters of the session "Who Owns the Learning" at the annual Learning Forward conference last December.  This dynamic duo recently received word of the acceptance of this same session at the ASCD Empower 1https://www.eschoolnews.com/2018/08/01/how-to-deliver-pl-that-really-works/?all9 conference that will be held in Chicago March 16-19, 2019.  Keep watching for more news of NWEA staff who are reaching an ever-wider audience to support the development of relevant PL that supports professional growth!  



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