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Back to School-Could These Resources Help?

Discussion created by Virginia Williams on Aug 19, 2018
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Everywhere I look, there are signs that it is back-to-school time. Summer break certainly seemed short this year, but I don't think that teachers ever really take a break. They always seem to be either preparing for the school year, in the school year, or preparing to close the school year. 


This made me think of a few great blog articles that I have bookmarked that might be helpful for kicking off the new school year. Everyone is pressed for time, so we should take all the support we can get! I have chunked them into topics that you may find helpful. 


Empowering Students

My experience shifting students to “learners”

Students can own their data: 5 ways to get started

A new twist on family meetings: Student-led conferences


Goal Setting

What World Cup Soccer can teach us about goal setting

How NOT to get overwhelmed by data: Teacher reports to use throughout the year

What you need to know when establishing success criteria in the classroom


Setting up the Classroom

5 tips for rolling out centers

The Florida Center for Reading Research has a helpful resources tab for centers 

Got Growth Mindset? 5 Pinterest-worthy Ways to Make It Visible in Your Classroom

Rebooting your classroom: 5 ways formative assessment can help


Games for the Classroom

7 programs and games to help facilitate personalized learning

5 ways to incorporate games and game elements into your classroom


Teaching English Language Learners

7 ways to scaffold instruction for English language learners

How using first language supports can propel academic content in English


Supporting Parents

12 common questions parents ask about the MAP Growth assessment

Parents and MAP Growth: 7 things to know


Bookworm Reading and Writing Curriculum also has open-source reading and math content. We hope that you find these resources helpful. If you have other favorite posts that you bookmark for back to school, add a comment below and tell us about it!