Amanda Johnson

Tip: MAP Home vs. Professional Learning Online

Discussion created by Amanda Johnson on Aug 30, 2018

Hello! I am Amanda and have trained educators on how to use MAP Suite products for over five years. Since I understand how precious your time is my hope is to create a space to help make things easier. Please let me know if there is anything specific you would be interested to know more about in the comment section below.


The first question many new partners ask is, “What is the difference between the MAP Testing Site and Professional Learning Online?”. It’s an important distinction to make early on to ensure everyone is clear where to go for what. A great way to get organized right from the beginning is to bookmark each site to know Professional Learning Online is for training and the MAP Testing site is for testing.


Professional Learning is where your training will take place. These are self-paced courses designed to prepare you for a successful testing season and then help with reading and analyzing the reports to inform instruction. Every educator who is working with MAP testing will need a username and password to enter the site. The main contact with NWEA will be able to provide the invitation if you don’t already have one. If you aren’t sure who this person is reach out to your MAP Leadership team for more information or call Partner Support at 877-469-3287.


The MAP Testing site is where all the administrative tasks take place for testing. Rosters are uploaded, test sessions are created, and reports are generated. Everyone will have their own username and password to access this site as well. We recommend the email address be the same username for both sites.