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Start a Fluency Challenge Today!

Discussion created by Jaime Vazquez on Aug 23, 2018
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Recently, School Leaders Now shared a powerful idea: what if teachers supported a year-long, school-wide Fluency Challenge? How much more could students improve their skills if reading fluency were integrated into day-to-day life at school, across topics and activities?


We love this approach, because it both recognizes how fundamental reading fluency is to learning on all levels and also  provides specific avenues for teachers and students to develop skills incrementally each day. Best of all? NWEA partner school districts can launch their own Fluency Challenges and use MAP Reading Fluency assessments to gauge student progress!


This National Literacy Day (September 8), take up a new challenge, and engage students even further with reading by hosting a Fluency Challenge!


As you’re exploring the recommended steps, share what you learn with other educators here!


Tell us about your own successes and challenges, and consider questions like:

  • Does your school have a shared understanding of fluency? Why or why not?
  • How can we integrate new opportunities for students to practice fluency into our daily
  • How are you communicating student growth in fluency with individual students?