Danielle Kerns

Tip of the Week

Discussion created by Danielle Kerns on Aug 24, 2018

Fall testing has begun! Help your students have the best testing experience possible by following these recommendations:


  • Update your firewall settings to make sure all of our testing servers are allowed. See Firewall Whitelist and E-mail Configuration in the MAP Help Center.
  • Make sure the latest Secure Testing Browser is installed on their testing devices. See About the NWEA Secure Testing Browser for Mac and Windows.
  • Close the Secure Testing Browser between every test session. 
  • Dedicate your building's bandwidth to MAP testing, and avoid streaming music or videos. See what we recommend for available bandwidth with Network Bandwidth in the MAP Help Center. 
  • Stagger your start times by confirming student's to begin in small groups (5-10 or smaller) then wait 30 secs or so before confirming the next group. 
  • Try suspending their test to reset their connection to our testing servers.