Amanda Johnson

New Partner Tip: Class Name (Column K)

Discussion created by Amanda Johnson on Sep 13, 2018

Many Data Administrators have questions surrounding the "Class Name" in the standard roster file. This column (column K) is important for reporting purposes. This field should reflect the actual group of students in a class together, not the whole grade, or the students who will be in a testing session together. If this field is designated correctly, then a teacher will be able to see whether the class needs more whole group instruction or more individualized instruction based on the standard deviation. 


If the rostered class shows all the students in the grade, instead of the actual group of students in the class, the data will be skewed and could change how your teachers inform instruction. If your Data Administrator did not group the students correctly, and your reports aren’t grouped correctly, it is a very simple fix. It will be important to ask your Data Administrator the roster file which can be done before, during, or after testing.


Here are the instructions to complete this task. Log into MAP Home page à Import Profiles à Start New Import à Add/Update to re-group the class according to your classes. Or the Data Administrator can make this change through MAP Home page then Manage Students. The steps can be found following the path of the Help Center à Your Data à Missing/Problematic Data.