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Several questions about MAP testing

Question asked by Jenny von Zastrow on Sep 25, 2018

1-When running the operational report 'Students without valid test data' our grade 9 is blank even though several students are not finished. How do we rectify this?


2- Our grade 8 maths teacher was originally on the CRF and able to pull students to test and look at data now she is not there.  How do we rectify this?


3- Our Primary MAP Coach moved from a sister school and is now unable to login and create classes, etc even though he has been updated on the NWEA website and his old account deactivated.  How do we give him access?


4- Students who were added to the test after the CRF was uploaded and took the tests we are not able to find their data and get it into the class data for teachers.  What to do?


Thanks for your help.