Amanda Johnson

New Partner Tip: School Proctor vs. District Proctor

Discussion created by Amanda Johnson on Oct 2, 2018

Many partners ask, “what is the difference between the School Proctor and District Proctor roles?" Aside from being able to monitor a student while they are testing the two roles were created from the need of giving and limiting access. Even if you are a small school partnering with us it will still be a benefit to you to know the difference.


School Proctors have limited access. They are limited to the school they are assigned from the roster file. School Proctors can open, edit or delete saved sessions created by themselves or a District Proctor, but not sessions created by another proctor. They will not have access to modify or create student profiles. If a School Proctor notices a student’s name is misspelled, for instance, they would have to notify the District Proctor to modify the information.


A District Proctor can modify student information. They can also open, edit, or delete saved sessions created by any other proctor. Like the example above, if a student has a misspelled name the District Proctor would be able to correct it. The District Proctor will also create new students within any active testing session as well. If you want to remove this permission from the District Proctor contact our Partner Support team to understand the different options.