Danielle Kerns

Tip: Reports and Weeks of Instruction

Discussion created by Danielle Kerns on Oct 5, 2018

Have you noticed a difference in a student's percentile or growth projection when comparing them to our Norms data? Your district may have modified the MAP system preferences for weeks of instruction that more closely aligns to your schools' actual testing schedule. NWEA Norms uses 4 weeks for fall, 20 for winter and 32 weeks of instructions for spring. By adjusting the settings to match when you actually test, your data is a more meaningful representation of your students' true abilities than just using the default settings that our studies are based from. 


One of our researchers here at NWEA goes into greater detail about why adjusting your weeks of instructions is so important. Take a look at Nate's blog post to learn more about this. 


Most of our reports will have the weeks of instruction displayed at the very top of the report. Read more about how to adjust this setting with: How to modify instructional weeks.