Danielle Kerns

Tip of the Week: Changes with test invalidation rules

Discussion created by Danielle Kerns on Nov 2, 2018

Starting in fall of 2018, NWEA began invalidating students' test results if the system determined a student rapidly-guessed for 30% or more of their test. After extensive feedback from our valued partners, we understand that not enough communication was made prior to implementing this new rule. Beginning October 31st, we have turned off invalidating tests while we make improvements in our system and reports for the winter testing season. Look for further updates as to when we plan to reintroduce this feature. We are committed to providing you and your students with the most reliable data possible and we appreciate all of the partner input that we have received.


To learn more about the expected improvements and how you can determine the effects of rapid-guessing with your students, see FAQ: Improving test invalidation due to rapid-guessing.