How long does it take students to complete MAP Growth assessments?

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This is a question that NWEA consultants often get asked by partners.  Since there is no time limit for how long students can take to complete NWEA assessments the true answer is "it varies".  However, research shows that the median time for most grades is less than an hour.  There are two resources that may be especially useful to teachers who are pondering this question. One is Dr. John Cronin's Teach. Learn. Grow. blog, Testing Duration: How Long is Too Long to Spend on the MAP Growth Assessment?.  The second is the report, How Much Time Do Students Take to Complete NWEA Assessments.  This report was assembled by the NWEA Research team that studied the test durations and changes in test durations between terms for grades K-10 and have documented the averages and benchmarks for more unusual times to help inform our partners. The results are now available to MAP Growth users both as a report and a data visualization.  While the average durations are not strict requirements, they do offer some ranges and comparative data to consider. Check out both of the resource links above to learn more about testing durations and how they impact student results. 


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