A MAP Skills question from the field...

Discussion created by jane.nuessen@nwea.org on Jan 10, 2019

Our NWEA consultants have been busy in the field delivering MAP Skills partner workshops.  A common question that they encounter in their travels concerns manually changing the status of a skill for a student.  Follow the thread below to see how to address this need.

1. Can I manually change the status of a skill in MAP Skills?

  • Yes, as you work with students, you may determine that the skill status no longer applies. Rather than re-test, you can directly edit the skill status.
    1. In the Class Dashboard, search for the student and subject.
    2. Click the strand "donut" chart.
    3. When the heat map chart appears, locate the skill.
    4. Click the skill status (or reading grade-level status) and choose the new status from the pop-up:

    When Changing Status:

    • Unseen — You cannot change back to Unseen (gray) status, so avoid accidental changes.
    • Reading skills — You cannot change the skills underlying a reading level.
    • Progress graph —The dot showing progress for the week will shift to add or subtract the chosen skill.


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