Danielle Kerns

Tip: Test accommodations and reports

Discussion created by Danielle Kerns on Jan 11, 2019

When proctors assign a test accommodation (such as text-to-speech) to a student taking a test, knowing what aid a student received is valuable information. Currently, only our data export files will provide this information by the student. District Assessment Coordinators have access to the data export scheduler in MAP Growth Reports and can choose either the Comprehensive export with the optional files or the Combined export file. Read more about this with Which reports show the accommodations that are noted in test sessions? There are some key differences about what test data is included between the 2 export types so be sure to check out that info included in the article as well. 


Also, assigned accommodations "stick" to the student to every test assigned within the same test session. Students that have a suspended test and are resumed in a different test session, will need to have the accommodation reassigned to them prior to logging into the test player. More info on this can be found with Do I have to assign accommodations to a student every time they test?