Improving the test engagement capability in MAP Growth

Discussion created by jane.nuessen@nwea.org on Jan 16, 2019

In a recent partner communication, Chris Minnich, NWEA's CEO, shared updated information on the student test engagement capability in MAP Growth and the plans for expanding it.  See the list below which shows what to expect from this feature.


Winter and Spring 2019 test sessions:

  • MAP Growth will not invalidate student tests for rapid guessing.
  • Proctors will be notified when students rapid-guess on three consecutive responses.
  • Rapid-guessing information will appear in the Student Profile and Grade Breakdown Reports.
  • Proctors can access updated proctor tips for encouraging students to give their best effort.
  • More information can be found on NWEA Connection.

In July 2019: We will re-introduce the rapid-guessing test invalidation rule in time for Fall 2019 testing. You can expect improved features for increasing student test engagement, better access to information on tests invalidated due to rapid-guessing, and robust in-product training and support.

  • Students will receive a message at the start of the test encouraging them to remain engaged.
  • When students rapid-guess, proctors will be notified and the test will auto-pause so the proctor can re-engage the student and resume the test.
  • MAP Growth will invalidate tests when students rapid-guess on 30 percent of the total number of test questions, at which point the test will end in order to protect instructional time.
  • To better support retesting processes, educators, including proctors, will have access to reports showing students with invalidated tests due to excessive rapid guessing.
  • New in-product training and content at NWEA Connection will provide detailed guidance on the rapid-guessing test invalidation rule, the associated functionality and reports, and guidelines for communicating the relevance of test engagement to students.
  • New videos will help parents, teachers, proctors, and students understand the relevance of student engagement on tests and the reasons for the rapid-guessing invalidation rule.


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