Combining Class Rosters for a Consolidated View of Test Results

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Accurate rostering is key to seeing the desired data from MAP Growth, MAP Skills and MAP Reading Fluency.  A partner in a recent onsite workshop asked the question, "Is there a way to pull multiple classes together (1st & 3rd hours) in a content specific area such as Algebra, similar to a grade report?"   This all comes down to proper rostering.  This partner would need to have those classes rostered as a combined class in order to see their data in a single report.  The individual classes can still exist also, so the students could then be viewed with their class peer group (by class period) or as a consolidated group by content area.  Often, schools use this function to create classes for teachers whose roles fall outside that of the regular period-by-period class structure.  As an example, Special Education teachers might want their case-load students rostered as a single class so that they can compare the scores of all the students they support regardless of the students' assigned grade.  To see more information concerning rostering browse the Rostering section of the Support space in the NWEA Community.




Also  of interest might be the section in the MAP Help Center on Custom Student Groups. Although only MAP Skills  currently supports custom groups through the assigned Interventionist Role, that role will go into effect in MAP Growth with future software releases. 


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