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How to Interpret Scores...

Question asked by Casey Ward on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on May 22, 2019 by Jonathan Brown

So I was reading the response to another question and I am hoping that I am not taking information out of context or misinterpreting but I could be: 


How do you interpret a 6th grader who scores a 252 - what does that mean? Are they working above the 11th grade level on 11th grade material or are they just doing amazing on 6th grade content? I guess I am a bit confused on the whole thing. Because I thought a score indicated grade level ability.


This is what sparked my interest:

"Second, we do not recommend you interpret a student's score relative to the scores of students in other grade areas as a way of determining what a student is ready to learn. A 2nd grader with a score of 247 has not yet been exposed to advanced content – what that score indicates is that relative to the content to which they've been exposed, the student does quite well. We should not expect the student to immediately be able to perform at the same level as students in advanced grades learning advanced content. Instead, scores are better interpreted in the context of their grade-level peers – that same 2nd grade student is performing at a high level compared to his/her peers, and this indicates that this is a student ready to receive advanced instruction. So, we wouldn't expect this student to work at the 11th grade math level, because that isn't what the student's score means, and because the student isn't being taught or assessed on that advanced math content."