Danielle Kerns

Tip of the Week: Testing with iPads

Discussion created by Danielle Kerns on Feb 15, 2019

Many students take MAP Growth tests on iPads and proctors enjoy the portability of using them too. There are a few differences when using them to test, especially for the younger grades. We most often hear about the drag and drop style items not working as expected. We suggest trying the click and pop method:

  • Click or tap on the answer item or object you want to move
  • Click or tap on the area you want to move the item to


If a student encounters an item that they cannot answer on an iPad, the proctor can pause and then resume their test and the student will receive a new item of the same RIT value. 


New to iPads are the added highlighter and eraser testing tools for the 2-5 and 6+ tests! Make sure that you download the latest app version to use them. Students can also test out these tools on a practice test found in our Student Resources site, after this weekend's release.