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This question was received from a partner concerning how to handle a score for a student who somehow took the wrong MAP Growth assessment..


"...when interpreting scores for my school, I came across a 2nd grade student who somehow took the Algebra I test instead of the 2-5 Math test! He scored fairly well (196) by 2nd grade standards! How do I interpret that? He had “a strength in Descriptive Statistics”.  We are having him take the appropriate assessment this week, however, what do I make of his ability to handle these types of problems? I want to provide appropriate support for the student and his teacher, but I’m concerned that if he did that on the Algebra I test, the 2-5 test may not provide an accurate reflection of what he is ready to learn. Any suggestions?"   From: Misty Pelliciotta 


I am tagging some of our profession consultants and support staff to see what their thoughts are on this situation.   Stay tuned for their responses...

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