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Suspending/Pausing a Growth assessment?

Question asked by Brodi Kozak on May 6, 2019
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In looking at the MAP Growth: Proctor Tips and Troubleshooting guide I noticed that whenever a student's test is suspended or paused the test will resume with the next question. Does this mean that if a student's test is paused at question #11 when the test is resumed the student will be on question #12 (regardless of if the student provided an answer to question #11)? Or rather, does this mean that the student will instead have a 'new' question #11 instead of the one that initially appeared prior to the test being suspended/paused?


What if the student doesn't provided a response to question prior to the test being suspended/paused? Will this count as an incorrect question?


My biggest question is - should students provide an answer to the question they are on prior to having the test suspended/paused?


I apologize for so many questions. I'm just trying to clarify.