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A question often asked in workshops concerns how the RIT to Concepts resource relates to a given grade level.  For information on this topic please see the information below... 


The RIT to Concepts reference is used to identify the vocabulary and concepts that students are ready to learn.


The RIT to Concepts reference shows vocabulary and concepts in math, reading, and language, grouped by RIT bands. Each band has an approximate grade reference, and many bands also include references to topics in the learning continuum.


To locate the RIT to Concepts reference:
  1. While logged in to MAP, click the Help link at the top to access the MAP Help Center.
  2. Open the Your Data menu and select Learning Tools.
  3. Select Match RIT to Concepts in the navigation box on the right.
You can also access RIT to Concepts directly here: online version and PDF version (links require a MAP Suite login).

Example page:

Screenshot of the Concepts by RIT page in Web-Based MAP help


The words within each RIT band represent the difficulty level that MAP Growth measures, regardless of your state standard. For students who scored within a given range, you can enhance their instruction by reinforcing these words.

English language learners

For English language learners, these word lists can prepare students before the MAP Growth assessment, because the words and related concepts are likely to appear in the test. However, because tests are adaptive, the words are not guaranteed to appear.


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