Danielle Kerns

Tip: Duplicate profiles

Discussion created by Danielle Kerns on May 17, 2019

Students who have more than 1 MAP profile will need to be merged in order to have their complete testing history combined into one single profile. To merge duplicate student profiles, follow the steps in How to merge duplicate students. Make sure to add any missing terms and term details (grade, school, class,etc.) that a student may have tested under to have these test events reported for every term. 


Users that may have duplicate profiles cannot be merged and will need to fixed a bit differently than duplicated students. If you only deactivate a user instead of modifying their unwanted profile, you may run into roster errors in the future when attempting to update them. We suggest removing the Teacher ID (if any), email address, change their first and last name along with the username to something completely different (appending .duplicate to the end of these fields works!) and then submit your changes. Read more about this with How to correct duplicate users in MAP. You may then update their correct profile accordingly.


To locate potential duplicate students and users in your MAP system, see Potential Duplicate Profiles under MAP Growth Reports>Operational Reports.