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How important are accurate instructional weeks?

Question asked by Casey Ward on May 28, 2019
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I am hoping I can be clear - I understand that there are norms. Fall - 4 weeks of instruction, Winter - 20 weeks of instruction. Spring - 32 weeks of instruction.


How important is for those weeks to be accurate? Our school typically gives teachers two weeks to the testing Window which mean some test at the beginning of say Week 4 and some at the end of Week 5. Would there be significant changes there?


Also, for instance, our school uses eLearning instead of making up days - so our instruction on an eLearning day is not the same. This year after the winter testing window - we missed over 10 days to eLearning - we also take a state test in the Spring that takes 6-8 school days to administer. During that time, true instruction is not happening. Should we be looking at our instructional weeks and adjusting them? Are we not seeing an accurate reflection of our students?


I understand that when you change instructional weeks RTI scores do not change, but growth goals and percentiles I am assuming would. I also wonder how you would classify a student such as Lo, LoAvg, Avg, HiAvg, Hi - would those labels change. 


Any guidance would be great!