Danielle Kerns

Tip: Building your MAP team

Discussion created by Danielle Kerns on Aug 2, 2019

As you start to prepare for a brand new school year with MAP Growth assessments, building your MAP team is job #1! Ensuring that your users are set up with the proper permissions is the first stop. Take a look below at some of the resources we have available to you.


How do I know who my users are, and what MAP roles do they have?

User Roles Report


What role(s) should I assign my principal/guidance counselor/testing coordinator?

Choose MAP Roles


For reports access, which role can see what?

Reports available by role


How can I add new users in the MAP suite?

How to add or modify users in the MAP Suite


Mr. Jones is no longer with our school but I am unable to delete his profile. What do you recommend? 

Unable to delete user

Inactive teacher missing from MAP Growth reports



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