Danielle Kerns

Tip: Importing your class rosters

Discussion created by Danielle Kerns on Aug 23, 2019

It's roster time! The Class Roster File is how you set your students and teachers up in the MAP system to prepare them for testing. The file is required for every term that you test in. For the other user roles, you will want to import the Additional Users file to add the proctor role to your teachers, and to give permissions to view reports to school administrators. The Additional Users file does not need to be imported for every term, and once they have these extra roles added to their profile they will stay until removed. If you have very little mobility within your school, consider importing the roster for all the terms that you test in (fall, winter, spring) at the same time. So import your file for fall and then once that has posted, import it again for the next terms. If you should need to have an updated roster later in the year, you can do an Overwrite import and that will replace the previously imported data for the school on the file for the term you selected. Read below for some helpful articles about rostering, and how to pick which role is the most appropriate for your MAP team.