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Reports include last year's students

Discussion created by Andrew Sheu on Sep 22, 2019
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Hello NWEA folks,


I’m Andrew, the data coordinator from Singapore American School, and I have a question regarding the current and previous rostering for school reports:


When running any report using the current year roster (2019-2020) with the previous year report/scores tested (2018-2019), I get a combined list of students who are from the current year and previous year instead of just the current year students.


For an example Susan Sedro, a teacher in the picture below, gets 42 students instead of 22. We can see the students are from last years 5th grade, and this year’s grade 5 (that appears as grade 4)


Why does this happen, and how can I remove previous year’s students from these reports? This problem does not happen if both Term Rostered and Term tested are 2018-2019, but teachers are interested in viewing of 2018-2019 scores of current 2019-2020 students. I have already re-rostered the current 2019-2020 term (by overwrite function) and the problem persists. I suspect the issue arises because ‘Homebase 5’ is a class in both terms, but from what teachers describe this has not been an issue before.


If you can point out any hints/solutions, that would be greatly appreciated










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